Hello, It’s Me ;)

Here’s a website that is dedicated to randomness.

An ordered chaos.

Helping wanderers of heart understand that though they wander, they are not lost. Truth be told, wholeness is within a person who goes from place to place encountering different experiences, yet stays true to who they are. But how can one know who they are if they are lost?

That’s why even though you may wonder my fellow Moon Beamer, you are not lost. You are in a world where expression of heart and soul are at a loss today. People would rather conform than to live bold. Picture the lion. King of the jungle, the pride of all animals, a roar that reaches the heavens.

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We adore these animals as humans. We use lion as comparisons to strength, vigor, boldness, anything and everything that exemplifies leadership and courage. But so many times, people who have the boldness of a lion hiding within them act like pesky bed bugs that irritate everyone around them 😉 – Be the person you were designed to be, not the individual you’ve grown into out of the the uncomfortable situations life has thrown to you. We are here to encourage you. Throughout this website, there will be a variety of randomness ranging from love to current events to successful businesses to life principles and the occasion random posts of nothingness.

What is nothingness?

How about a page dedicated to just the beauty of a water cup, and watching the condensation build on the cup during the heat of the day. And as the gases are escaping the ice in order to match its outside environment. It’s as if the cup was trying to conform to its surrounding. But then, if it does, then it is not desirable to drink because it is not cooled.

In many ways randomness such as what was described above can be used for life analogies. We are all unique cups of water that can either be refreshing for other wanderers to partake of in this journey called life. Or we can conform to our surroundings, and be that unpleasant drink that is only desirable for survival. Random thought? Yes. But even more, random thoughts and stories that drive certain points deep into the soul and embed life principles in the minds of our readers.

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Again, this is who we are.

The Moon Beam Gallery.

A canvas of stories of the past, the present, and foretelling the future to what we would like it to become. Stories of war, stories of intimacy, stories of political corruption, stories of overcoming evil, stories of good, stories that touch the soul, and random stories that will leave one thinking, “huh?”

If you want a normal website that displays a systematic flow of thoughts about articles, then this is not the place for you. There are millions of those websites. But you landed on our page. There’s a reason why this social media marketing was created with unique word play and thought process. So listen to this.

You may have stumbled across us on accident. But nothing is ever just an “accident” as much as it was meant to be. If you’re a systematic person like pharmacists, a Wellington HVAC company, and teachers (or like this local phoenix pharmacy in Phoenix Arizona), you need some randomness in your life to spice things up. If you’re, lets say…

A wanderer at heart…

Then this is your place to join other life wanderers who are seeking companions to explore the beauty that lies within this world. Both in nature and in the heart of man.

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Don’t conform to people’s perspectives of what life should consist of.

You are unique.

You are beautiful.

You are handsome.

You are perplex.

You are so different there are not enough words in the english language to speak of the imperfect perfection that you are.

So stand out. Be different. Be you. Be the difference.

MoonBeam Gallery.

Randomness on Display.