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Beauty is all around us.

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We are dedicated to explore places, people, things, what makes our earth so special, what identifies us humans, and specifically the wanderers in life we call MoonBeamers.

Why MoonBeam?

It’s a term that stems from no latin root word. It’s not one that you can find in the dictionary. It is a artsy description of the unique souls that pass throughout this life and radiate life while trying to find purpose. As the moon beams off its light to those who are in darkness, the same thing for MoonBeamers. They live their life as those who are not completely sure of their purpose, yet radiate this beam of joy that can be touched and is tangible to those around.

That’s who we are. If we were able to completely describe a MoonBeamer, then we wouldn’t be one. These individuals range in a variety of shapes, sizes, background, economic status, iconic figures, those who claim they’re found, and those who are wandering for meaning. It encompasses not just a minority, but a majority of earthly citizens that hope and love and dream and are passionate.

Who are you?

Maybe this website will bring more clarity to your soul. If not, maybe you’re already found…