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The Great Wall of China.

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One of man’s greatest accomplishments. To build something that can be seen from outer space. To have a piece of monument and art that has and will seem to continue to exist throughout the ages. But a wall that has kept out innovation and freedom as well.

What are walls made for?

Not only to protect the value and beauty that is held within the limits of the city or civilization. But it also  meant to keep out what’s not desired, and at times to restrain others to experience freedom in new ways. That’s how we see it.

Are walls important?


But all walls are not created equal.

In a home, walls are used to separate space and privacy. Totally understandable.

In a city, walls are used to define boundaries.

But walls, no matter the context, is a sign of defense. Walls are not an offensive weapon. Many times, walls are the last stance against any type of attack on the current establishment of either privacy, freedom, or the evil imprisonment of innocent people.

A Wall…Really?

Yes. This discussion is about a wall. Not because we have nothing to write about. On the contrary, there are millions of things to write about. But we are an exclusive group that is dedicated to point out the beauty of things that people don’t normally see. Those things that are hidden.

We are here to show you that we find deep meaning in various things of life. Whether it be a wall, a plant, golf clubs, cape juice, international oil spills, love and sex, angels and demons, fitness and beauty, whatever the subject we want to simply highlight stories that are not seen by the naked eye.

The idea and goal is not to impress you. Though we hope you enjoy these random articles and stories of a wanderer’s life. But if not, then we’ve also attained a certain purpose. To identity who understands us and those who don’t. It’s like a matrix type of lifestyle.

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Those who think they have life figured out think…well they really haven’t.

Think about the movie The Matrix that came out in 1999. Humans walking throughout life thinking everything is all fine and dandy. Neo, someone who seems to be a regular guy, has an experience with what seems to be this alternate reality. Which actually turns to be the actual reality and what he was living was simply an imagination of a soul in a coma. Crazy thought to think about.

But have you ever though of your life as something that is already figured out, or something more to be discovered? In the depths of every man and woman lies not only greatness, but a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened for a greater purpose in life.

What is your life about?

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It must be more than just work, sleep, money, kids, and repeating the cycle. You have to be about more. Or you will fall into the same category of the billions that have come before you, and the billions who are to come that are waiting to make their mark in history.

You have that opportunity to make a mark in history.

To create a story that humans will speak about for years to come.

You have the ability to become an iconic figure in the eyes of people to provide inspiration and motivation that anything is possible.

The most impactful humans that have existed are really MoonBeamers in our point of view.


They didn’t settle for average. They were wandering. And during their journey they stumbled across their passions and learning their purpose. Even after they found it and became famous for it, they still wander to do the next great thing.

That’s a MoonBeamer.

Those are the individuals who are not only about being comfortable but live in a constant state of “what’s next for me?” A true wanderer of heart and soul. But not lost.

Don’t get the two confused.

Have you noticed we went from the Great Wall of China to the Matrix to understanding some more insight of a moonbeamer? That’s what we’re about. Highlighting stories, seeing patterns of thoughts that seamlessly are intertwined at the end of the thought. Whether we’re starting a conversation about love, how a new couple met from a prom limo service, how someone met on Christian mingle or some other dating site, and two souls became one over time. These are the stories we want to continue to highlight on a consistent basis. Well get ready for more stories such as this.